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fallenangelv1 Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "fallenangelv1" journal:

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July 12th, 2004
04:43 pm


All Better
Well, It has been very eventful since the last time I wrote. I was in the hospital for a serious infection in my tummy. One of the worst days of my life, yet def. the best one so far. It was early wednesday when I was told I needed to have my appendix out. OUCH. News then became much better. I was laying in my hospital bed when my phone began to ring. I looked down to see that Geoff was calling me. I had this huge sense of relief. He called to apologize. I figured he had only called because Shane must have told him I was sick. I felt 200 times better when I found out it was because he wanted to tell me he was sorry. He had no idea I was even sick. We talked for most of the night until I went home where we talked some more. We resolved alot of our issues. We promised to help eachother through our problems. Work as a team. Which I have to say is a GREAT idea. The next morning Murphster came up to visit me. We had alot of fun. We saw dodge ball *2 thumbs up*. Then Friday morning I headed out to see my boyyy. We had such an AWESOME weekend together. I move him so much I had knowing I need to leave him. I need to go now. I LOVE THE 90's is tonight on VH1.... all the cool kids are doing it.

I love you

Current Mood: hornyhorny

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July 5th, 2004
04:36 pm


Lost Love
Have you have loved, and lost it. For any reason, it might be a stupid fight, selfishness, or whatever the case maybe. Well take all that and add some confussion. I loved a boy for just about 6 months. We started off as the perfect couple. The couple who could finish eachothers sentences when we had just met. We were a match made in heaven. Lets start with the first day I met him. I had such a great time with him on our first date. He showed up, wearing his white and blue *as I call "saddle shoes", some jeans, a green sweater and had his big 'ol sunglasses set ontop of his head. He had the most beautiful hair. I had only seen this angel for litterally 5 minutes when Sheila and I went into her bedroom and I swore on her brothers picture *the one who is a priest* that I was going to love him for a long time. We giggled and then my date began. We had the best time that night. He gave me a map, which I still have, of the college area. We drove around then when it was time to go home, we sat in the car of another hour. He held me, dropped some compliments and made me feel so beautiful. We had a magical first kiss that night, rightly so to the tune paradise by the dashboard light. Everything was so perfect for me and my prince charming. Now 6 months later, and I dont know where he dissapeared to. In my mind he is missing. I can keep searching but I fear I may never find him. We last spoke on a friday, when we hung up he was fine... we were fine. We said our I love yous and hung up. A day passed and no word from my love, I called and called... no answer. Finally on Sunday, the 4th of july, I was told off by his mother. My prince had suddenly reguested I leave him alone, and stop talking to him. I am trying to do as I was asked. But, I am so confused all I want is an answer. I love him more and more every day. I wanted things to work for us. I honestly would do anything for him, I hope that he sees this in all of my efforts to prove my love to him. If he doesnt love me anymore I think that I deserve to hear it from him. I can then put some closure to my broken heart. I dont want him to be missing, I want him to be happy even if its not with me. I just need to know.

Geoffrey, if you read this please please please give your boo-boo a call. I need to hear it from you. Please just tell me to fuck off if you need to. I will hang my head in shame and live my life, until I know I cant move on.

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: For the longest time, by my billy joel

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May 9th, 2004
07:36 pm


eat my fucken ass
Their reply was:

Ok, so I know not everybody likes me... and ya know what thats fine because I prolly dont give a fuck about you either. But ya know what... If you honestly didnt like me you wouldnt keep fucken reading my live journal. I dont give a shit about your life, so grow up and get your own. You obviously know what Teo's is, so you are narrowing down who you are. And also, dont fucken be hating on me because you are insecure. You can be all down on yourself about your busted ass body go and work out at the gym everyday. But you will still be ugly to yourself, and prolly every poor unsuspecting soul who will ever have to look at you. Also, I drefuse to get all pissy about this like you are, Im a cunt, yeah so! You think I dont know this. Born and raised. But you, you are nothing but a spineless piece of shit, who will never have the balls to stand up for yourself. I know this because you have the maturity level of a 10 year old. Grow the fuck up and say who you are, unless that is you are afraid of this cunt? FUCKEN BRING IT. R.W. 230. Give a knock when you grow some balls. If not shut the fuck up, cause if you want to play this game of cat and mouse, I will find you when I want to... and you better fucken know, it wont be pretty.

Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: eat my ass... by me

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May 6th, 2004
12:49 am


my good byes
As my last few days here at Elms for this year I thought I would give a final farwell to my friends. Things just wouldn't be final with out a world famous Meghan Poem.

Lets say a Good Bye to Sophmore year,
Cheers to that to that with a beer.
I'm gonna start with the begining
Because from there our time was thinning.
I moved In a room with Jess,
My side was always a mess.
Stories of times on the crapper,
All the way to the ones of the flapper.
When she moved, I knew it she was smart.
But then again who would listen to me fart?
Now our group was down to five.
We made sure to keep the party alive.
Down by one we were all sad,
but you know it wasnt so bad.
I lost a roomate and gained a boy,
Thanks to sheila did I find this new toy.
Soon he was a regular here with the girls,
The only one who wasnt using the pearls.
girls p.m.s.ing all at the same time,
I thought he would leave at the drop of a dime.
Soon it was weird, we were missing one more.
We couldnt keep our kate inside the door.
Sheila had a single with only one bed.
We thought for sure Kate was dead.
Genna and Keeley getting along just fine,
Listening to noises coming from mine.
Keeley had bruce, so i know she was getting some,
but genna, couldnt stay awake to swallow the cum.
No longer with preteen ryan,
she couldnt stop crying.
Until the day I made genna see,
The only good boy belonged to me.
Sheila soon lost that dick head,
and shortly after headed to bed.
His name was Andrew,
and soon part of our crew.
I say she lives in the love shack,
because those two cant stay outta the sack.
Now its may and we all must go,
I know my summer will blow.
Vermont for one,
In the woods for her fun.
Florida for two,
dont you wish it were you?
A murph left out here,
a neighborhood filled with fear.
One in the pitts,
who doesnt love the shits.
Lastly, one in will be in Lee,
Missig his murphy.

Good bye kids, I love you. Miss you so much. Postcards for all. Dont forget to call me.

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Fishin in the Dark bt the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

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May 3rd, 2004
12:43 am


"Thats how Hendrix died"
So this weekend was rather amusing. Worked alot, partied a bit. Watched genna puke all over. saw a tons of weeners that arent my boyfriends. No, not the nudy bar... crystal and brandon's house. It was a pretty regular night. Some Tyler street Ice cream *if you are from the pitts you know what I am talking about!!* Then the G-Unit and I went to my sister's. Bran stole my man as soon as we got in the door to go to George's. They come back with, 2 mountain dews, 3 red bull, and a liter of Lite and Easy Vodka. And as the name says, it was lite and easy. It was diluted vodka... yeah it was only half as strong as vodka, but still tastes just as shitty. So we decided, if its only half as potent, they need to drink twice as much. Geoffrey did great with that, but Genna not so good. She was downing them like nobody's business. After the game with "Doggie Feet" she made it everybodies business. I think the line was, "im going to lay down for a bit" when really she ment, I am going to go donate my insides to the toilet. After geoff checked on her i guess the sight of puke made him hungry so he suggested Teo's *another pitts fav* Granted it is like 10 of 1 at this point... so we made a call in 10 minutes before they close. the order was 23 bucks worth of weenie.I had to drive being the only sober one and all. After weenies and watching all the guys fight over who sleeps with Genna me and baby headed to bed. I won the fight, genna sleeps alone! I had a wonderful weekend, I had my family, my friends, and my love.

I just realized I have been with my boyfriend for a while, and its been amazing. The ups the downs, and all the in betweens. I was actually slapped across the face because somebody actually thought that I dont appreciate Geoff. Thats the furthest from the truth. I love this boy with more than even he knows. I dont see any days in my future that dont involve him. So the next time you think that I am dont being nice, you all remember this boy is the love that I need.

love love, kisses

Current Mood: lovedloved
Current Music: Angel by Shaggy

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April 22nd, 2004
11:24 am


Maturity Much?
Ok, the cunt comment was acceptable because atleast its true. This whole retarded statement about me being a dyke is so far fetched. Everybody knows I am the most hetero person god ever created. And besides that, if I were a cunt and a dyke why are you so interested in what I have to say on a live journal??? awe, whats that... oh you are a stupid immature fucker? Yeah I thought so. Keep your stupid ass comments to yourself or say it to my face.

Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Current Music: Roses by Andre

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April 21st, 2004
08:46 pm


who is this?
2004-04-21 16:29 (link)
wow your really a cunt

Did I ask you to say it to my face?

Current Mood: pissed

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05:08 pm


jealous bitches
Ok, So I thought being an R.A. was going to be cool... but I am finding that isnt the fact. I feel as though I am in 7th grade again. Dont be fucken jealous because I got it and you didnt. Neither Sheila or I sucked off anybody to get R.A. Dont be mad, we were all asked the same questions obviously our answers and personalities are what did it. I dont flaunt my shit, I am barely proud of myself. I believe that I am rather humble. I dont need the added stress of people starting rumors. If you think that I spend to much time with my boyfriend, or that I am a party animal... step up, grow some balls, and say it to my face. Dont hide behind higher authority making up bullshit lies. If you know me you know I dont like pety crap, two faced bitches, and I certainly wont stand for fake ass lies. If you are involved in any of the above, knock off this act and bring it to my face.

***I want to just make a few points clear... Sheila didnt get her stomach pumped, she was not "rushed" to the emergency room, she wasnt even admitted. We were not running around drunk the other night, we do NOT make our suite "party central", we are not alcoholics. Oh and for the record the time I spend with Geoffrey is my god damn business... NOT YOURS.

I dont mean to come across like this self righteous bitch on this one, I just honestly wont tolerate this shit. You think you have the upper hand on us now... wait to see us on our best behavior, and then we will see who is laughing when we find you doing the things we were accused of... your ass is grass.

Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Jason Mraz.. the remedy

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April 20th, 2004
07:04 pm


alright so this weekend went very well. The gala was a blast, even though I had to work the next morning at 10.. not so bad right? yeah not when you have to drive a little over an hour to get there. Work was ok, you know nothing spectacular. That night was a different story. Everybody piled in Subway to get some food before we went to Ashley's house for a little gathering. We filled up and then heading south. I was behind the wheel of Geoff's huge mother of a boat car, following Peterson's convertable Labaron. That thing was packed with, Peterson, Pfief, Baker, and Brandon. It was hard to follow that car when at every stop I saw a different naked ass. I had, Geoff, Genna and Crystal with me. The night was nothing to exciting except for Scatagories. Or when Peterson gave genna a naked lap dance, or when brandon walked around with his pants down, or when Beans accidently sprayed beer all over the house. I mean ALL over the house. That night was great... except when pfief was trying to get genna to sleep with him. But oh well. This weekend was great. Its now tuesday and 420... isnt that veird? I cant believe school is almost over. I have one more painting class. Scary! I have 6 more days of classes! WHAT WHAT WHAT? yeah no shit. that was my reaction! I haveweds and thursday this week, then mon, tues, wed,thursday next week. Im not ready to leave!!! Whoa, on that note, im going to go work on some art work!

Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Chingy.. One call away

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April 16th, 2004
12:04 am


Alright... has anybody out there ever played or heard of Zuma? *other than the EC girls* If you have you must know how damn addicting it is. Its not that it is fun or anything its just so damn simple it becomes complicated that you must keep going to be better than the last 65 billion times you played. I have the thank Keeley for my new found addiction to this god forsaken game. I find myself sitting to play shortly after breakfast, and stopping long after dinner. I think I need to see a professional about this one. I can honestly say the best thing I have heard in the past 4 days is ZUUUUMMMA!... you wouldnt know unless you play. I will be frank with you all, I sat down to play yesterday while friends planned a power hour, it was a little before 7 and when I was finally peeled out of my chair, our beverages had arrived and it was well past 9. I had no idea where the time had gone. Its rather odd to think you can actually lose track of time because your brain knows nothing but a stone frog and big bocci balls. Well, it is after 12 and I have retired from ZUMA for the evening. I want everybody to know that tomorrow is the Elms Gala, and I will be attending. It should be a shit kickin good time. I will try to write on monday to inform yall of the funnies.

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: Eminem- my band

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